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The Bodega App.

The Bodega App.

by Expedio Design

Posted on September 09, 2014 at 10:34 AM

Bodega, often known as the small grocery store in your normal American neighbourhood, is making headlines, but not in its’ usual form. The Bodega App, recently developed by 2 former Google employees, Paul Mc Donald and Ashwath Rajan, have given rise to some heated reaction from the netizens.

What’s all the ‘hype’ about?

This app hit the nerves of many on social media, as it is thought to be replacing the traditional bodegas, the corner grocery stores. The 2 founders however, beg to differ, stating their admiration for the traditional bodegas and has no intention of replacing these stores.

How does it work?

An internet connected pantry box (in other words, a smart kiosk), furnished with snacks and non-perishables you wish to find in an office break room. All you must do is type in the number of the Bodega store box at your location through the Bodega smartphone app, which would then unlock the doors of the box. Cameras will register items picked and automatically charges the user’s credit card. It’s basically a vending machine but a classier version, making it more handy and accessible to office amenities.

How does it change the world?

This app is seen as a disruptor in convenience shopping, however to some, it’s just another vending machine. So what’s your take on this?

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