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Repairing your KDK and Panasonic ceiling fan

Repairing your KDK and Panasonic ceiling fan

by Expedio Design

Posted on June 25, 2018 at 10:56 AM

This post will never get endorsed by KDK and Panasonic but is meant to help you save quite a lot of money. It works usually on the ceiling fans with the remote control. I’ve replaced at least 6 of these, all working perfectly after the repair.

This works when your ceiling fan :

  • makes a funny clicking noise and you see the cover jerking
  • doesn’t speed up or slow down to your remote even when it makes a beep
  • feels like it is at its EOL (end of life) and you want to throw it away

What you will need :

  • some basic DIY knowledge; mainly using a screwdriver, climbing a ladder, figuring out how to open covers and soldering skills
  • a car/transport to buy some electronics components
  • an electronics component shop (we recommend LKL Sunrise on Jalan 20/7 Petaling Jaya but any electronics component shop in Jalan Pudu will sell these)
  • a solder iron

What You Need To Do First

  • switch off the fan (double and triple check)
  • get a ladder and climb up carefully with a Phillips and Flat screwdriver (at this point, if you have trouble understanding this, please come down the ladder and get a friend to help you out)
  • look for screws to remove the bottom cover of the fan. It is usually quite accessible from the outside. Some fans have a twist-and-click style cover
  • after you remove the bottom cover, you will see a PCB board that looks something like this

20180625 kdk_expedio watermark-03

  • remove the cables connected to the white clips slowly
  • remove the PCB from the fan
  • climb down slowly and don’t fall down


PCB Solder Time

  • the main components that usually need replacement are the 3 film capacitors circled on the left. You can walk into the electronics shop and ask for the replacement for these. Our total cost was below RM 20. You should end up with something that looks like the board on the right.

20180625 kdk_expedio watermark-0620180625 kdk_expedio watermark-05

  • some of the components will have a paste to keep it in place. You can pry it slowly with a flat head screwdriver or a cutter

20180625 kdk_expedio watermark-02

  • heat up the solder around the legs and use a desoldering pump (we just call it a solder sucker) to remove the solder

20180625 kdk_expedio watermark-01

  • to satisfy the OCD side in you, do bend the legs in shape before replacing it

20180625 kdk_expedio watermark-04

  • after replacing all the components, trim off the extra legs with a cutter

20180625 kdk_expedio watermark-07


Now To Place It Back

  • Switch off the fan (double and triple check)
  • Replace the board and clip the white cables back into place
  • DO NOT close the cover
  • Come down, make sure there is no one under the fan and switch it on to test it. If it does not work, switch it off and check all your solder again.
  • Close the cover and pat yourself on the back


The components that were replaced are on the left. New components are on the right.

KDK Parts Old KDK Parts New



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