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  • Lai Qian Qi

Lai Qian Qi
Mechanical Engineering Intern

(Nov 2017 – Feb 2018)

I always have a passion for product design. Seeing an elegant looking product works in a simple yet brilliant way always send a chill down my spine. As there is a 12 weeks summer break in between my semesters, I decided to look up an internship position in this field. A simple google search of product design firm leads me to eXpedio Design website, and that is the start of my internship journey.

First day I received a warm welcome from the team. I quickly realised that the team is young and full of enthusiasm, with people that are equally creative and passionate about what they do. I know from experience it is difficult to have such friendly workplace with constant support from colleagues, yet these fun-loving individuals make every day at work exciting and lively.

Nothing brings people closer than good food. Studies found that eating together resulted in higher work performance and a more cohesive team. I’m not too sure about that, but I look forward to team lunches every Tuesday! I also got closer with the team during the team getaway to Janda Baik. The awesome BBQ and gosh awful karaoke is one of the highlights of my internship for sure. Not to mention the Masterchef grade scrambled egg from Li Soong that made me break my egg free diet.

Did I mentioned that the office is really nice? Not only there is a well-stocked pantry filled with food like chocolate bars, chips and even granolas, there is also premium grade coffee (which the boss is very proud of) for those daily shot of caffeine. The aroma of it, with Chillhop music playing in the background, always makes me wonder for a moment I’m in a hipster coffee shop instead of an office. The arcade machine in the office let me reminiscence childhood memories when taking a short break from the work. The two lovely fluffballs: Shadow and Trooper, always make the day better with their affections and their playful nature.

The internship in Expedio is a journey filled with various excitements and challenges. The environment is indeed fast paced, with new responsibilities and tasks given each and every day, which contributed to a continual learning experience. Along the journey, I have realised how much I still need to learn, and how much I truly want to fill these knowledge gap. As time passes with more experience, I found myself looking forward to the next working day every time.

The best part of my internship was working on design projects. I have a chance to involve in designing, building and testing an idea developed by the team, or in some case, myself! It is like a dream comes true! Working with 3D printer to build a prototype was also another fun aspect of the internship. I get to see a design transform into an actual part in just a few hours, regardless the complexity of the geometry. More importantly, I get to understand the development process of a product, from ideation and research, to manufacturing and market introduction.

Everyone in eXpedio Design is simply incredible and understanding. They never hesitant to guide and teach me throughout the journey, and my questions are always welcomed. Interning here has shown me a broader perspective and better understanding of product development. Thank you eXpedio Design for this opportunity!