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expedio design is a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

We create compelling experiences through great products and services that bring real value to people’s lives. We are true believers in the absolute necessity of good design and its ability to create, nurture and transform ideas into extraordinary experiences, products & services that disrupt industries, build brands and create lasting icons.

We're Multi-Disciplinary
Our Designers & Engineers Like Each Other...A Lot!!

Our multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers work closely from the very beginning, combining thoughtful strategy, charismatic styling and ingenious engineering to bring ideas to reality and products to market. Our services include design strategy, market research, brand identity design, concept and ideation, industrial design, mechanical & electronic engineering, prototyping, tooling, volume production and component sourcing.

We're All About Design Realization
We've Fine Tuned our Process of Strategically Defining Designs and Making Them a Reality

Design realization is what we live for. But the process involves sifting through the chaff until only what’s truly necessary is left. Nothing superfluous, nothing pretentious. Just honest, beautiful, practical and elegant designs that stand the test of time, and are developed with people at the centre. Every single contact, from manufacturing, assembly, technical support to the end user experience is considered and crafted with care.

We're Passionate (and Pragmatic)
We Absolutely Love What We Do

Our approach is simple: we bring together passion, energy and excellence, built on a foundation of sound engineering, guided by a clarity of vision based on carefully considered strategy, years of experience and innovative, proven prototyping + research methods.

We Practice A Collaborative (and Unconventional) Business Model
A flexible and innovative way of engaging with our clients for the long haul

expedio’s flexible and collaborative business model allows us the opportunity and privilege to engage our clients at a degree of intimacy that goes beyond traditional client-consultancy relationships; where the positive effects of design are maximized over an extended period of time. To date, we’ve had the pleasure of long term working relationships with a diverse spectrum of clients types, from individual entrepreneurs and startups to global fortune 500 companies.

How We Do
What We Do

Our finely honed process has a singular purpose: to bring the right designs to reality. This clarity of vision is matched by our attention to every minute detail, commitment to innovation and excellence in execution.


Ensuring your ladder is on the right wall before you start climbing

  • Design Research: From observational studies to focus group discussions, we glean insights from watching people and asking the right questions. These learnings give our designs context and meaning
  • Trend & Market Analysis
  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Detailed Product Specification


Where Great Ideas Are Conceptualized and Take Shape

  • Design Language Development: Design language gives a product direction and a clear message, it’s like a vision statement for your product
  • Product Styling: First impressions count. We’re talking timeless, meaningful elegance as opposed to fashion fads
  • Mechanical Concept Development
  • Color Material & Finishing
  • UX Design: User eXperience. It’s all about how the product/service/etc makes you feel


Making Stuff Work Really Well. It’s All In The (Technical) Details 

  • POC Development: We build Proof Of Concept models to make sure an idea is technologically feasible and economically viable
  • Mechanical Design & Engineering
  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Optimization / Design for X: DFM – Design for optimal manufacturing cost
  • Prototype Manufacturing & Validation ; We build the prototypes, and then proceed to torture (test) them


Where The Rubber Hits The Road, Metaphorically (Sometimes Literally). Parts In Any Material And Size

  • Custom large scale mockups: Some prototypes are so unique, no 3D printer can build them. Really!!
  • CNC Machining: Also known as traditional prototyping. Extremely labor intensive, but gives the best quality and greatest flexibility of materials
  • Metalworking
  • 3D Printing: Awesome technology, constantly evolving and improving. Great for fast turnaround models for design verification throughout the development phase
  • FDM: Fused Deposition Modeling
  • SLA: Stereolithography
  • SLS: Selective Laser Sintering


Getting The Goodness Into the Hands Of Your Eager Customers

  • Component Sourcing: Choosing the best components for the best price, certainly no easy task
  • Vendor Qualification & Selection: We do comprehensive site visits and audit our suppliers so that you don’t have to
  • Production Management: We make sure things go smoothly when you start manufacturing your product in large quantities
  • Channel & Logistics: The last thing you want to worry about when your product is about to hit the market

Take a Look at Some of Our Work

Our portfolio comprises projects from a diverse spectrum of industries including  consumer electronics, medical, automotive, fitness and more.

Exhibition Design
Industrial Design
Product Engineering
Web design
  • 20160310 - dots (3)
  • 20180306 texchem_leaflet mockup_design 02
  • Picture5
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  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • PlantSafe Booth4
  • PlantSafe Booth3
  • Concept2
  • Concept1
  • IMG_5074
  • IMG_9533
  • 360_edited
  • Picture8
  • 20160809 utp renders.493
  • 20160914 movish printer.1042
  • untitled.677
  • 20170303 dyetonator_renders.957
  • 20160405 - zazen renders.1532
  • 20180110 lighter & background-03
  • web4
  • PCS_packaging
  • 20171114_120150
  • 20161011 diffuse render.1263
  • 20170420 - lettuce & rack
  • Picture11
  • P_20170220_113638_vHDR_Auto_b
  • Picture15
  • 20150317 npwt featured image
  • 20150319 CF featured image
  • Intrix Heater WHD featured image
  • 20150317 Dispensing Tip Featured Image

Meet Team expedio

Our multi-disciplinary team combines diverse skill-sets, backgrounds and personalities; ranging from the creative to the highly technical. We’re design DO-ers and THINK-ers sharing a common love for challenging the ordinary.

  • Li Soong

Li Soong
Founder & Director of Misc. Things

Barista Wannabe and Lifelong LEGO Fanboy ( STILL Saving Up for that Awesome LEGO Death Star )

  • Tee Chian

Tee Chian
Technical Director

Connoisseur of Local Chinese Cuisine (of the Noodle Variety). Laments the Lack of Passion & Creativity in the Local Food Scene.

  • Abigail

Lead Designer

Cute & Quirky Uber-Creative who Strangely Dislikes Coffee (NOT That There’s Anything Wrong With That).

  • Denise

Business Development Manager

A Sports Avid With A Gentle Flair. Secretly Trained To Be In The Olympics, But To No Avail.

  • Shea

Senior Engineering Specialist

Super Enthusiastic About Word Play And Puns. Thinks That 0˚C is The Coolest Thing Ever.

  • Mei Ling

Mei Ling
Finance & Office Administrator

The Chaperone Of The Team. A Strong Advocate For Cross-Fit Training and Zumba Classes.

  • Wei Min

Wei Min
Design Specialist

A Penangite With Taste Buds Difficult To Please. Often Finds That KL Food Is Below Par.

  • Leeqa

Engineering Specialist

Numero Uno Fan-gal of all things Korean and Artisanal Baker in training. Loves to work her engineering magic on all manner of (mechanical design) challenges.

  • Natasha

Design Specialist

Plays Bomberman Competitively. Adores Shampooing The Cats With Dry Shampoo, And Bringing Her Siblings Out For Pan Mee.


Years in Existence


Clients & Strategic Design Collaborators


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Industries Served

… the best for the most  for the least

Charles and Ray Eames

Design is not just what it feels or looks like; design is how it works

In order to create great products and build brands with a unique point of view, that point of view needs to come from the right strategy

Design is the way that ideas get communicated and get understood. In many ways, design accelerates the adoption of new ideas.

Yves Behar

Question everything generally thought to be obvious..

Dieter Rams

We Understand that People are
Our Ultimate Clients 

We’ve Forged Intimate Design Partnerships with Individual Entrepreneurs, Startups, Fortune 500 Global Leaders and Everything in Between.


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